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Yearbook Pricing: $70

Be sure to capture all of the memories of the year by purchasing your yearbook today.

Purchase Your Yearbook here!

Senior Portraits – Senior portraits are something you will treasure forever. The photo that you provide is used for both the yearbook and the End-of-Year slideshows, so it is important that you submit your preferred photo by the February 17th deadline.

Please email your portrait and the student name to Photos should be in JPEG format (no screenshots) and labeled with lastname_formalfirstname (i.e. smith_jonathan). Photos may be taken professionally or on your cell phone. More detailed advice on photos is available on the parent letter document. *If no photo is submitted a present or past LifeTouch portrait will be used.

Recognition/Baby Ads – Purchasing a recognition ad is a great way to personally congratulate your senior on their significant accomplishment of graduating from AHS. Specific information about baby ads can be found on the parent letter. Purchasing a baby ad is optional.

Friend Pages – Purchasing a friend page is a way for seniors to put a collage together to highlight their time spent at Ankeny High School with friends, families, and staff members. Specific information about friend pages can be found on the parent letter. Purchasing a friend page is optional.

Follow the Yearbook on Social Media – Share pictures from this year including friends, selfies, classes, activities, and anything else that you want to remember.

Instagram: @ahs.yearbook22

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