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March 18, 2024

Baby Ads Announcement

Optional Senior Recognition/Baby Ads: All senior recognitions/baby ads are due Friday, March 22nd, 2024.
What are Recognition/Baby Ads? Recognition/Baby ads are a special way to recognize your student’s accomplishments and surprise them with a heartfelt message!
Recognition/Baby Ad Requirements:
1. Name of the senior
2. A senior or baby photo
3. A heartfelt message
4. Payment made out to “AHS Yearbook”


Recognition/Baby Ad Options and Prices:
Small: ⅛ page ad with up to two images and 40 words ($60)
Medium: ¼ page ad with up to three images and 60 words ($100)
Large: ½ page ad with up to four images and 80 words ($150)

Payment Info:

Make the check payable to “AHS Yearbook” for Senior recognition/baby ads. Send your check to the front office of the high school.

You need to send your recognition/baby ad as a JPEG or JPG to There is a $10 late fee if recognition/baby ads are sent in after March 22nd, 2024.