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May 24, 2021

Soaring Hawk Awards

Congratulations to the following students that are receiving the Soaring Hawk award. Soaring Hawk recipients are nominated by staff members for demonstrating characteristics of the Hawk Way. Hawk Way students are Honorable, Accountable, Willing and Knowledgeable. View the presentation link below to read the nominations.

Soaring Hawk Award Presentation

Emily Allen – 12th Grade
Claire Berg – 10th Grade
Raj Bete – 11th Grade
Paris Bolinger – 10th Grade
Cael Boyd – 12th Grade
Kayla Brummer – 12th Grade
Raylin Capdevila – 12th Grade
Brock Chiodo – 12th Grade
Cael Cox – 12th Grade
Olivia DeGroote – 11th Grade
Emma Dunlavey – 12th Grade (nominated three times)
Peter Ferrell – 12th Grade
Anja Gjullin – 12th Grade
Josalyn Gomez – 12th Grade
Nicholas Guyette – 10th Grade
Mya Hall – 12th Grade
Zoe Hardenbrook – 10th Grade
Miranda Hatch – 11th Grade
Anthony Hawkins – 11th Grade
Keyla Herrera – 10th Grade
Diego Jackson – 10th Grade
Price Jacobson – 12th Grade
Lindsey Johnson – 11th Grade
Will  Johnson – 12th Grade
Chase Jordan – 10th Grade
Abrym Kajewski – 10th Grade
Joey Killen – 10th Grade (nominated two times)
Madison Krapfl – 12th Grade
Alex Larkins – 11th Grade
Tyler Lewis – 12th Grade
Aryana Lewis – 10th Grade
Sydney Madetzke – 10th Grade
Torrie Marchant – 10th Grade
Mytika Mayberry – 12th Grade
Chloe McGrath – 10th Grade
Megan Meyer – 12th Grade
Kate Moir – 11th Grade
Dorian Packard – 11th Grade
Sophia Parker – 12th Grade
Madison Parker – 12th Grade
Zach Parsons – 10th Grade
Caleb Rathjen – 12th Grade
Dylan Rauser – 12th Grade
Isabella Rector – 11th Grade
Jocelyn Riley – 11th Grade
Lauren Rolling – 10th Grade
Emily Ryherd – 10th Grade
Claire Sammons – 12th Grade
McKenna Scheib – 12th Grade (nominated two times)
Sophia Schoolen – 12th Grade (nominated two times)
Phyona Schrader – 12th Grade
Carter Smith – 12th Grade
Kade Somers – 12th Grade
Sydney Stover – 11th Grade
Akira Thongsouk – 12th Grade
Kwaku Tuah-Kwarteng – 10th Grade
Irie Vincent – 12th Grade
Gabe Wagner – 10th Grade
Cole Watson – 12th Grade
Karson Wetzel – 12th Grade